Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So Jeb wants in....

Look like Jeb Bush is gonna run for President in 2016, all signs point to it including that irritating look of baffled self righteousness her perfected as Governor of Florida. This is gonna be a biiiiig reality check for Mitt Romney and to a lesser extent Chris Christie. Romney in particular has been floating little trial balloons all year long via his various paid toadies...but Jeb piling in means La Famiglia Arbusto is gonna call in every one of Romney's markers from 2008 AND the time they are done with him he'll leave that room with his suit in tatters and his pockets turned out. I think we can pretty much stick a fork in Brand Romney at long last. Mitt might make an interesting Vice Presidential prospect for Bush...(he'll never actually get selected, the Bush Family isn't that stupid), or Secretary of Transportation or maybe Mitt will end up a bootblack in Jeb's notional West Wing. Some of the other GOP prospective candidates have to weight the Bush family's notorious fundraising prowess and just possibly move their own timetables up...assuming they have the guts to take Jeb on and I suspect more than a few won't jump in when push comes to shove. I urge my readers NOT to buy into any columnista fantasists who gaseously assert that the Tea Partei Base will come out hard against Jeb Bush when the time comes, they may well make some noises or back another candidate, but La Famiglia Arbusto has been manipulating conservatives with consummate ease for decades now. There have been a few bumps on the way notably Pat COUGH Buchanan in 1992....but the tea partei will be properly leashed when the time comes for Jeb's apotheosis never fear. Anyone who does run against Jeb is strictly warned to forget about attacking him on character issues or the like, The Bushes are one and all gymnasts when it comes to dodging allegations and then using said charges as an excuse to unleash all sorts of attacks on their opponents. This is another move they have down to a science believe me. have to engage them on the level of ideology, which because the are so transparently selfish is inevitably their weakest link. But even there, they are slippery...with Jeb like his brother you have to go after concrete things in a simple stark way, remind auds incessantly that the Bush Brothers have caused more problems than they can ever hope to solve in ten presidential terms. Keep it simple keep it real in other words.

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