Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kudos to the US Senate

For confirming Dr. Murthy as US Surgeon General, after only a wait of One Full Year...This is Democracy in Action!! The Good Doctor enters his office just in time for the Ebola Outbreak to Kill Us All, oh wait...that was the "October Apocalypse" per Fox News....never mind. *** Mitch McConnell is no doubt fuming because the confirmation can about due to some botched procedural shenanigans from Senator Ted Cruz....allegedly that sort of thing will come to an end come next January....allegedly. *** Frankly if was Mitch McConnell (a pompous humorless senatorial gasbag who makes Hiram Johnson look like Richard Pryor) I'd watch my back...lotsa GOP radicals in the US Senate with very safe seats who luv to play to the base and they'll do it at his expense...

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