Monday, December 01, 2014

Oh Thank Ghod

Deval Patrick told "Meet the Press" he does NOT want to run for President in 2016....we certainly do not need to add to the roster of Massachusetts' politicians who unsuccessfully ran for President. Supposedly he was silent on his prospects for 2020...but then again in 2020 Ed Markey's seat in the US Senate opens up...and Ed isn't getting any younger. Just sayin'. Of course if I was Deval Patrick I'd up and move to New Hampshire just to flummox the Massachusetts Presidential Hoodoo, just don't run for public office up there, the Granite State Electorate is whimsically xenophobic, just as Scott Brown... But if I had to put money maybe he is interested in the US Senate he has many loyalists and a reliable statewide organization. Of course for all we know, Markey will run for reelection in which pffft!

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