Saturday, December 06, 2014

"Marky Mark" wants a Pardon...

Mark Wahlberg, actor, rapper, model, upstanding citizen these days at least, wants a Pardon from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for an assault conviction he ran up back in 1988 when he was sixteen years old. Was Marky Mark a lurid nasty vicious little droogie when he was a wee Justin? Hell Yeah. Has he cleaned up his act since then become a model citizen an exemplary father & a good person? By all accounts yes. Should be be Pardoned? Hell No. Look, the Power to Issue Pardons is designed to correct ought to be applied therefore sparingly & judiciously. In certain cases to advance the cause of justice it can be used as an inducement to testimony to secure convictions against criminal highbinders.....but no one in their right minds sees The Pardon as way for a reformed miscreant To Feel Good About Themselves. And anyway Mark was violent racially colonized little bastard once, (he has outgrown these follies so I read), Eric Garner and Michael Brown's alleged crimes were small beers by comparison and they paid with their lives. Mark Wahlberg needs to chalk it up to experience and consider himself lucky.

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