Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Right on Schedule....

Jeb Bush is making polite passive aggressive noises about running for President in 2016. I'd urge all interested persons to pay attention to what he says and does and doesn't say over the short term because I have an idea he is gonna run. Most normal people regard cynicism and crass manipulation as terrible character flaws but in La Famiglia Arbusto, they have been enhanced to the level of martial arts. How else to explain the Family's continued fascination for GOP primary voters? Jeb of course is virtually an exemplar of those cynical martial arts, that baffled look of injured innocence whenever someone calls him to account for his actions, his craven willingness to sell out for short money to religious fanatics...his own spiritual malleability and the families own special brand of electoral brutality. What has always driven me crazy about the Bush's is that they all realize just how cynical they appear, they ought as a consequence know better, but alas they do not. Shamelessness too they have raised to the level of a martial art. So to any liberals, democrats and or interested persons out there, I have but this to say Beware Jeb Bush...he was always known to be smarter than his dumbass brother Junior...and junior managed to win.

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