Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The IOC...

has officially upgraded surfing and skateboarding to the level of Olympiad Sports come the 2024 Olympics, which by coincidence is the very Olympics Boston is so foolishly bidding on. Now...Skateboarding I can see...there is a dandy skatepark over by Lexington High School with plenty of room for teevee cameras and bleachers for the aud. But Surfing? Where the hell are they gonna catch the appropriate waveage CARSON BEACH? That will be a long wait for any board worthy swells believe me. Serious surfers laugh at the boomers on the East Coast, I myself have rarely seen any surfers at all in all my beach travels of fifty two years save at Hampton Beach NH and that was in October. Add these potential indignities to the lengthening list of reasons why the Olympics should pass on Boston. B

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