Friday, January 16, 2015

As the NH Primary Looms on the Horizon

I need to start picking and choosing which GOP candidates I wanna see on the stump. I'm expunging Mitt Romney from the list though, at long last I can't see how he'd have anything new to say given the history he's racked up in two prior presidential campaigns. At this point 2016 is naught by a sad opportunity for Mitt to emphatically Change His Mind About the Issues....Yet Again. So...given that... I think I'd like to see Jeb Bush certainly he has an odd baffled look of injured rectitude that I'm sure will play very well to the GOP's endlessly aggrieved base. Besides I wanna assess early if he is the same sort of nasty little smear artist as was his Father & Brother. Then maybe Rick Perry...I know he is dumber than a bag of hammers but there is limitless copy in Rick Perry and I wanna see what passes for a stump speech from him. I always regretted missing him in 2012. After that...Chris Christie...mostly to see if he tracks at all towards the center if he makes it to NH and then by extension I wanna see what passes for "The GOP Center" in 2016. And if I get lucky then either one of the quivering wingnut holy men, Cruz perhaps or maybe Rand Paul. All of this is of course still speculative at this point NONE of the above may ever announce for President...Mike Bloomberg could somehow clear the boards...ya never know. But it's good to start thinking on these things early.

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