Friday, January 30, 2015

In The End, Romney Bailed.

He huffed and snarked, drank some coca-cola but in the end, Jeb eased him out, before Romney could ever get in...Advantage Bush so sez me. While everyone else was wingnutting it up in Iowa Last Weekend, Bush was showing Romney the Color Glossy Photographs, the uncompromised account books, the lists of die hard Romney Donors who'd sold their souls to the Bush Family in 1987....and what the hell Mitt chickened out. About the only shred of dignity left to Romney is his current reluctance to endorse anyone and Jeb will fetch that Pound of Flesh from Mitt when the time is ripe, count on it. So maybe this really is Mitt Romney's political epitaph...(although with him ya never know)....and if I had to Sum Mitt Up in a single sentence as he leaves The Great Game, that he was start to finish a rather unskilled political amateur with no great respect for the Political Process. Romney was a wealthy flash-in-the-pan who thought up until today, that Politics was somehow Easy, so easy in fact he never need bother to learn the fundamentals of the Great Game. His speeches? Charmless chiding bromides designed to manipulate his base nothing more, his program & proposals always vague easily denied and even more easily ignored. Mitt literally though, no one was looking, no one was cataloguing his promises his failures, his lies and his distortions. HE STILL THINKS THAT WAY...and it has ended his political career, at least for now. I won't miss him chiefly because I suspect he may yet try and foist the Summer Olympics on Boston as a last vicious revenge on a State that Turned It's Back on Him Long Ago. Anyway...its either that or Mitt will end up Jeb's Reserve Bootblack in the West Wing, that is of course, IF Jeb Wins...;)

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