Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Only People...

Who are truly excited about Mitt Romney running for President in 2016are serious devotees of high end political sadism. I promise you, when the time comes, Jeb Bush will tear out Mitt Romney's living guts and use them, to grease the treads of La Famiglia Arbusto's Tanks. It will be an ugly scene edifying only to those who enjoy their Dirty Politics Straight Up. The Bush Family has been strategically nice to Mitt Romney in two election cycles now they are gonna call those markers in, and if Mitt declines to Pay the Vig, Jeb will unleash the very furies out of hell on the Former Massachusetts Governor. Honestly, people like Mitt Romney (nice clueless media unsaavy tepid technocrats) have been PIE to the Bush Family for Twenty Four Years Now. Remember Steve Forbes, Bob Dole, John McCain...? All politicians of varying talents and all mounted heads on the Bush Family's Walls. All this proves to me that in RomneyWorld there is no one in that organization that dares enters The Bishop's Sanctuary and tell him the Sun Has Set on His Ambitions.

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