Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One Burning Question from this weekend's "Iowa Freedom Summit".....

Will Donald Trump ever ask Sarah Palin to compete on "The Celebrity Apprentice"? Because after this weekend that is about all that is left to the Former Alaska Governor after her berserker speech to the Faithful. You can pretty much forget about Palin running for President, she can't raise the money and besides she has a shallow attention deficit disordered personality that compels her to chase the short term payoff...Running for President requires patience and discipline two qualities Sarah lacks. Trump was making Presidential noises this weekend as well, pay him no mind, despite the "brand propaganda" he hasn't got the personal fortune necessary to run for President nor does he seem well positioned to fundraise. He has learned though from Newt Gingrich the incalculable benefits hinting at a Run for the White House as a means to gin up book sales, goose ratings and in general keep the larger mediasphere a-simmering. No...Trump and Palin are provocateurs, good at saying mean things about President Obama on Cable TV they can even get off a good wingnut trending zinger now and again, but you know neither of them are allowed in the room when serious policy is being discussed. Anyhow at this point I still say it's Jeb versus a bunch of crazies on his right, his boot on Romney's neck and Chris Christie bellowing & snorting slightly to the left. Thats where the money is gonna go thats where the fight will be.

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