Wednesday, January 07, 2015

To Date all I known about

Charlie Baker's inaugural is that it is costing 200K less than Deval Patrick's....and that a vast junta of private entities with potential business before the Commonwealth are footing the bill....but then again that was 200k less as of last weekend and who knows what invoices have been cut since Sunday? My only other take away from the transition is the plethora of democrats who have been hired in gaudy showy capacities by the incoming governor. You'd think Baker would find it hard to get democrats to cross over, but in truth its easier for the majority to bargain with minority when jobs are on the line, the minority party can never find enough qualified candidates whilst the majority always abounds with thwarted ambitious would be administrators. Moreover disaffected democrats are as a common as dirt in Massachusetts just ask anyone who has ever run a "Unified Campaign Field Office" every so often some disheveled twitchy specimen will scuttle in and proclaim in ringing tones their die-hard opposition to the candidacies of Mark Roosevelt, Scott Harshbarger or Shannon O'Brien...usually because the nominee refuses to come out against Lunar Annexation or granting squirrels the right to vote. Its the same with all these Baker appointees...except they are getting paid for it.

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