Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Speaker Boehner is conjuring

with another fruitless gaudy lawsuit against the White House with respect to the President's executive order's on immigration. Which is pretty much as close to an unequivocal confession from the House Leadership that they have neither the votes nor the desire to pass a bill superceding said executive orders. Instead they go for the useless showy gesture that will keep them in good with their baseline voters. Well, it goes without saying at this point that we cannot expect Leadership from John Boehner regarding immigration in any way this pretty much proves it. On the other hand there might be some legit discussion if not outright lawmaking on the issue if the current house majority wasn't a vengeful pack of ideological anarchs elected from utterly dubious rotten boroughs. That problem, the issue of redistricting has taken a toxic turn that now seriously influences policy in a bad way. I mean think about it, if your "fifty percent plus one" is pretty much the Tea Party how much incentive is that to negotiate with respect to immigration reform? Keeping that sweet fifty one percent gulled, happy and or angry is pretty much your effect the lack of debate in congress is a larger function of corruptly draw districts that restrict electoral diversity (I know...that word...) and thus themselves are immune to healthy debate. Granted perhaps I am no one to talk, Massachusetts has a 100% congressional delegation...but they at least are willing to discuss the issue in a serious way sand recourse to stunts and posturing.

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