Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The President Prospers...

In part because his sworn political enemies are all to a man, twitchy weird, humorless & self destructive. Take last night's SOTU address, while the President took the rest of the nation on a soaring tour of a better tomorrow well within our grasp, the loyal opposition was searching high and low for the most lugubrious and inane spokespersons to give the "coveted response"...a job that has routinely wrecked political careers since it was thoughtlessly implemented back in the early 1980's. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal's national ambitions still have not recovered from his stint as SOTU designated responder in 2009. So if Jodi Ernst thinks her goofy quaalude evocative performance last night was gonna light up an "Ernst for Veep" boom....dream on sister, dream on. Otherwise I suspect the President domestically speaking is going to be on the defensive for the rest of his term, but this is where what I call "The Jacksonian Vertical Stroke" (ergo swift clear action in the public interest, evolved and decided upon in private reflection), comes into play. Obama has the bully pulpit and can take all sorts of decisions in hand sans recourse to Congress, Cuba, illegal immigration, last night's tax proposals & the drive for net neutrality all bear the marks of an emerging Jacksonian Agenda, one that is "with the people, against the interests". Clearly, Barack Obama wants to set the agenda for 2016, plain and simple. He is immeasurably aided in a larger sense by a GOP lead congress largely composed of corrupt grievance addicted jobbers elected from preposterously rotten boroughs. If The President really wanted to set off a serious mishaugas he ought to go down to North Carolina and start talking about serious redistricting reform...then we will see shit storm par excellence! I dunno maybe I'm a mark, but it seems like the wind is shifting out there, imperceptibly in the President's favor, despite all his challenges in DC.

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