Friday, November 03, 2006

Bill Weld drops in...

Former Governor Bill Weld sobered up and found his way to Pennsylvania Station thus to campaign for Scary Kerry Healey yesterday in a listless last minute attempt to prop the Lt. Governor's prospects on Tuesday.
If you follow the link, you'll find a terrible photo of the former Governor who looks purple from a prolonged bout of sobriety or some damn thing.
The irony here is multi-leveled, Weld fled the state in 1997 out of shame and boredom, now he returns after trying to run for Governor of New York to salvage the electoral wreck of Sean Healey's undertalented wife.
Meanwhile, Bishop Romney has ankled the joint and is campaigning out of state for GOP Gubernatorial candidates with presumably better prospects than Healey
Honestly, the whole damn campaign has degenerated into a bad burlesque...Scary Kerry is ducking one escapee Republican and is desperately whistestopping with the state's most famous GOP ex-pat.

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