Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giuliani in '08?

The Former Mayor of New York now bids to extend his interminable victory lap to a full seven years running by running for President.
This ought to be fun, Rudy is allegedly pro-gay rights and pro-abortion, now unless he wants to grovel and flip flop on those issues (and he might ya never know)the xian right won't cut his candidacy much slack.
In fact, given the GOP's wholesale electoral losses last week the values pimps may well wanna salve their injured egos by beating down an easily bullied NY Ethnic.
Honestly, one wonders what Rudy's approach will be to the GOP Overlords in Spartansburg...he certainly can't beat the likes of Mitt Romney at the toady game.

Running for President though, is on the surface a good gig if you are a shallow applause-junkie with too much time on your hands and no real idea of what to do with yourself. When you've got high name recognition, a big ego, a bulging rolodex and too muchy time on your hands a stab at the GOP Presidential nomination is nigh inescapable...where do you think hopeless inanities like John Connolly, Steve Forbes, Phil Gramm and Pat Robertson come from?

Well...maybe so, but there is also a certain degree of wearisome ignominity built into running for the GOP nomination. One is expected to fawn over a diverse collection of louts, wowsers, gun worshippers, book idolators and commerce communicants. These are a sad jacklegged bunch given to insecure boasts as well as persecution mania.
Given all that I saw Rudy comes to his senses and is out it by primary night in New Hampshire.

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