Friday, November 10, 2006

Ohhh...My...Gawd...What am I gonna do NOW????

It just hit me, with Mitt Romney goin' over the hump and Deval Patrick's Roman Triumph at the polls, just what the hell am I supposed to write about???
Humble Elias is serious gentle readers...I got into this blogging game chiefly because The Viceroy won in 2002.
You see, I was in a "This-far-and-no-farther" type mood.
Good Lord, Mitt was half my copy and a lifeline on slow days, one could always count on his superficial stunt driven governing style and that loopy chronic onanist grin of his.
And the people he picked to run the Commonwealth, I mean they were a goldmine!!!

At the very least he is running for President though, that is something at least, damn fool thinks he actually has a record to run on.

The Owl of Minerva (To quote Hegel) flies only at dusk.
Thus with the Governor's departure we are given a brief glimpse into the essence of his political style. More and more I think of Romney as the embodiment of his predecessors worst qualities...he had Weld's detachment and greed, Cellucci's craven opportunism and Swift's bumptious ineptitude.
What he did have was a lot of money to spend and a willingness to promise nigh anything to Massachusett's independents in order to win.
Once installed in office though, a bad case of political ADD set in with the Governor lurching from auto-insurance reform to political reform of the legislature to health care reform as his signature issues. Not much was accomplished in any case but the deaths of many trees to make press releases.
The problem was and remains, at politics Romney is a hopeless amateur too impressed with easy headlines and disinclined to do the heavy lifting that makes one a success in the game.
George Washington Plunkett once opined that politics is a business like any other, you had to be trained up in it if you wanted to move up in the ranks.
With his vague Bain Capital Group resume and entirely irrelevant record at the Winter Olympics, Romney came back to the Commonwealth in 2002 sodden in the belief that politics was somehow easy.
A couple of budget fights later and few too many churlish insults thrown at the State THAT MADE HIM and Mitt is headed for the wide open spaces of the Presidential Campaign Trial.
I wish the GOP electorate the sheer joy of his icy condescending speechmaking skills.
And if any of you are reading this, don't fall for his line that he "Saved Massachusetts" from anything...the only thing this state was to Mitt Romney was a prop and a theatrical background nothing more.

Ahhh...Mitt I'll miss no I won't.

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