Monday, November 27, 2006

Shuffling the Deck...

And right now the Boston Phoenix thinks it's gonna be McCain versus Romney.
Interesting match up...but destiny likes to make fools of us all.
McCain is very much a politician wedded to the past, he had a historic opportunity handed to him in the year 2000 and still he was jacked up by a nasty lackwitted scion with too much money and too little talent.
I just don't see McCain as good comeback material...he'll have a hard enough time getting elected President of his own Boiling Temperment.
Guys like him have been getting hyped as the Only Inevitable all my life none of them ever make i; Nelson Rockefeller, Scoop Jackson, Gary Hart the list goes on.
There is a definite Gary Hart vibe to McCain.
Romney on the other hand is getting a lot of good press that largely a consequence of so many name Republican's goin' for the terminal dirt nap on November 7th. Little of his current bounce is a result of his own charisma or ideas. He looks like a player now but does anyone on the other side of the fence really think Mitt Romney can put together a credible and competitive national campaign?
One doubts he could deliver a single state in New England.

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