Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That is the question on this glorious Morning in the Commonwealth.
Who was...Early For Duval?
It is an eclectic mix of politicians, activists and happy idlers who can proudly claim they were with Patrick from hour one, the list includes everyone from State Rep. Jim Marzilli, State Senator Bob Havern, Nancy Stolberg (formerly a wheel the John Kerry's NH organization and now Duval's director of volunteers)and the Blue Mass Group among others.
This happy few, doesn't number Humble Elias in their ranks, I didn't endorse til the day before the primary...but I did endorse...Duval big guy ya listening???

Humble Elias does expect that for well or ill Patrick-Murray triumph will cast a new light on the local liberal blogging community. Already Alex Beam that grouchy contrarian in the Globe is grosuing about the grouchy contrarians who comprise the progressive bloggers of Massachusetts. That spotlight may even make it as far as this lonely outpost...but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, the gray skies of today don't bring me down one whit, we have triumphed over adversity after sixteen years in the wilderness, it is a good day to be a democrat.

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