Friday, March 19, 2010

If HCR finally does pass congress

Then we will likely have Scott Brown to thank.
Sure his victory in January upset the democrats, but after a few days of dithering and breast-beating, everyone took a deep breath and got back in the saddle for another go at the bucking bronco we call Health Care Reform.
Meanwhile the President issued his own plan (shades of Bill Clinton) and wonder of wonders, congress looked it up and down and did not pronounce it "dead on arrival".
Meanwhile Speaker Pelosi has tied on her new sun bonnet and gone off into the garden to pick lovely spring votes for a nice political bouquet.
Harry Reid has even stopped making gloomy announcements, I mean he was nowhere near as optimistic and bouyant back when he had a sixty vote majority...Optimistic and bouyant for him at least.
Humble Elias thinks Brown galvanized the democrats in new and healthy ways, it helps of course that the Junior Senator from Massachusetts' every statement on the subject of HCR is either merndacious spin or else blatant hypocrisy of the lowest and crudest sort. How can he be against the sort of reform on a national leevel that he happily voted for in the Massachusetts State Senate? Well he is Scott Brown and apparently thinks no one is watching him flip flop...
The man's limitations are being relentlessly exposed on a weekly basis...

Its a pity Stephen Lynch doesn't get this, Ah well we still have forty eight hours to persuade him.

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