Friday, March 26, 2010

Mitt Romney: "Why I lost in 2008"

Today's Globe contains a few quotes from the Former Viceroy as to why he lost the 2008 GOP Presidential Primary campaign.
It contains the following quote from himself:
"And I needed to do a better job to focus my campaign on the economy and getting the economy right and creating jobs. And whether through my ads or through my responses to debate questions or on the stump, my power alley is the economy.

“I understand why jobs come, why they go.’’

Mother of Ghod am I the only blogger out here who recalls (with the simplest nostalgia) Willard's cringeworthy performance in the 2008 Michigan Primary?
The man literally went from town to town promising free hookers, free beer and no taxes. Desperate and down to his third big slogan in three week, Romney more or less vowed to re-open the auto factories at gunpoint if need be.
It worked and Mitt won the Michigan Primary but he looked like such a craven desperate sweaty mook at the end of the day that the rest of the country gave him a pass.
And true to form, Mitt repudiated all those promises not one year later in a bid to recover his bona fides as a Big Business Republican.
That is why Mitt lost, republican voters simply couldn't stomach his bluster and palpable insincerity, and it didn't help matters any that for all his antiseptic good looks Romney was a terrible public speaker as well, automated phone mail has more passion than he.
And if he runs in 2012 no matter how much he focuses on economics and job creation the same collection of pathologies will do him in. Mitt thinks politics is easy, he thinks no one is looking, that no one is truly scoring his awe inspiring collection of flip-flops, there he is wrong and therein lies his downfall.

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