Monday, March 01, 2010

If the glass ceiling is one undiscussed issue in Massachusetts politics

then certainly another is the inherent disposability of GOP Officeholders. Consider this, Governors Weld & Cellucci resigned before the end of their terms, Jane "Jingle Money" Swift shoved aside by Mitt Romney who then declined to run for a second term as a means to demonstrage his Massachusetts-phobia to Presidential constituencies.
On the congressional side we've had Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen ascent to the US House of Representatives and then come down shortly thereafter with a ghastly sickening thump.
Y'get me here...They go up like a sky-rocket, go BOOM! Joanie Vennochi, Brian McGrory and Scot Lehigh all go "oooh aaahhh" and then...nothing.
We keep getting told that these are GOP pols in for the long run but two years later they've been defeated for re-election or have gone whoring after opportunities outside the state.
And then we are back to square one...
Given that record, what are Scott Brown's real long term prospects?
Just sayin'...

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