Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The richer they are...

the bigger the moocher.

Ever noticed that some of the wealthiest people are at the same time the biggest welchers & chiselers?

Well, what they and by extension Christy Mihos are telling us is that they didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks.
True dat...But it is a hard road to getting elected Governor of Massachusetts unless you lay out some long green.
Mihos doesn't get that, but then Humble Elias doesn't call him Crazy Christy for nothing.
It is a shame really because Mihos could beat Baker, Charlie is running like molasses up hill at this point, sure he has raised big money but so did John Connolly who recalls his Presidential inaugural, anyone?
Trust me, Mihos could beat this stiff.
Alas as long as the meme is about Christy's pathological inability to pay his god-damned bills Baker will get a free pass to the nomination, at this point I am not sure I'd give Mihos even money to get on the GOP primary ballot.
He needs to square up, stop shouting and buckle down...All things alien to Crazy Christy I think.

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