Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I just love it when...

The Boston Herald wallows in angst & self doubt.

I mean the headline alone is priceless.

Gosh six weeks ago, Scott Brown was deflecting queries about his presidential ambitions, I am sure, that Sarah Palin was kicking "Palin & Brown in 2012" around in her head, the world lay strewn at the Junior Senator from Massachusetts' feet.
Now look at him, a spent force per The Boston gawd-damn Herald!
Well don't worry, I'm sure Senator Brown can get up to demagogic speed on some other issue of public import, say immigration or nuclear power or flouridation of water, something...anything that'll get him back in good with Teabaggers.
Granted doing any kind of real intellectual heavy lifting was not Scott's style in the Massachusetts State Senate...But "must needs as the devil rides" and all like that.
At the very least, Mitt Romney is sighing with relief, with Brown's gasbag punctured, he, the former Governor can hold onto his status as the next big never-wuzzer from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Good luck Scott, thanks for all your help passing this bill and I look forward to your next campaign appearance at Arlington Town Hall when you can explain face to face with the citizenry why they were so much better off with nothing.

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