Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shrill on the Potomac

It didn't take long for Senator Brown to morph into a rather irritating specimen of DC Drama Queen....

Good grief, whatever happened to that olde rule "Freshmen Senators are seen and not heard"?

I would argue that The President and  the Senate Democrats (after the usual two weeks of hand wringing) have internalized well the lessons of Scott Brown's election in January. Scott and GOP have staked all on obstruction and fair minded people let along democrats cannot negotiate with obstruction hence the current drive to pass healthcare via reconciliation.
The sad truth about democracy is that politicians can easily claim contradictory "mandates" from the exact same voters.
Scott sez the voters of Massachusetts by a two point margin elected him to delay obstruct and derail the very health care reform process he once voted for as a State Senator. The President claims a national mandate to get that same health care reform passed.
Personally I have a feeling that Scott's new round of bluster indicates that in the end he wants to be  the Commonwealth's answer to Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania and notorious wingnut whose nigh psychotic whine enlivened many a staid Senatorial debate.
Good luck with that Scott.

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