Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting profile of Charlie "Ziplips" Baker in

Today's Globe.

What boils down to though, is that as head of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Charlie essentially threw over the entire state of Rhode Island in a bid to make his company profitable again.
He calls this "chasing efficiency".
I call it old fashioned ruthlessness.
Certainly Baker was coldly "efficient" about leaving numberless doctors, nurses and rate payers in the lurch when it suited his bottom line.
This is the sort of neo-libertarian rubbish Charlie hopes to impose on the Commonwealth as Governor.
I call it "neo-libertarian" because we all know that the likes of Charlie Baker could never survive a real disinterested libertarian style state government. I'd love to see how long Baker could hold onto his managerial genius rep without access to deadline extensions, tax breaks and easy ass state backed bond issues...
When he talks about small government, he means a government that is nigh useless to you, but still plenty useful to him the wealthy likes of him.
Remember this, libertarians will never admit it, especially the techno-autistic types who wave "Atlas Shrugged" under your nose, but money = power in their minds, as long as you have money you can get the smallest most impotent government to jump thru hoops of fire...Just like Charlie Baker did when he was head of Harvard Pilgrim.

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