Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cultural Note:

At All Costs Short of the Penitentiary or Our Immortal Souls the Colonial Theater MUST be saved from conversion into another Joyless Undergraduate Barracks. Emerson College has shuddered the famed venue and is "considering it's options" with regard to the property. I say it must stay a living breathing function theater! Boston is already a town vastly complacent about it's commitment to the arts and prone to useless lip service, meanwhile vital venues casually close for good with nothing on the horizon to replace them. Don't believe for a moment that just because the Hub is lousy with college students and nice tweed jacket liberal professors that the atmosphere is welcoming with respect to the Lively Arts, largely it is not. Mayor WaLSH is officially invited to Speak Up Soonest on this issue and if everyone wants to see a working model about how to turn a venue in an obscure spot into a thriving home for concerts, plays and films then you can do worse than to speak with Leland Stein who has kept the Regent Theater in Arlington up and running Against All The Odds. Someone has to stand athwart this insidious process of "De-Souling the City" and Howl HALT!!

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