Monday, October 12, 2015

The Fight to Succeed John Boehner has literally

come down to an ugly brutal brawl between doomsday preppers and snake a democrat and a liberal it's fine family entertainment in every the outcome, thats gonna be cringeworthy no joke. What I love is, the plaintive cries that are going up all over the Republic that House Ways & Means Chair Paul Ryan (also Romney's torpid veep candidate) HAS to step forward and run for House ahhh "Save moderate republicanism". HAR! Paul Ryan a moderate?? Thats a laugh, a better more devoted corporate looter cannot be found anyway in the District of Columbia...his moderate bona fides are entirely incidental and negative in scope he neither stockpiles K-Rations and ammunition and has never expressed his Love of Ghod by juggling rattlesnakes. But, the GOP is both desperate and entirely in delicious disarray I'm not sure in the end they'll be able to unite around anyone at all. Boehner may have to stay on for the next two years simply because his caucus cannot govern themselves let alone govern the nation. HAH!

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