Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jim Webb Bails....

I'm not surprised, I never got the impression his heart was in it.... Up Until Now I sort of thought Webb was running for Secretary of Defense, but supposedly he is now making third party noises if you can believe it. Frankly I doubt anything will come of it if Webb couldn't raise the money as a democrat he will never acquire the Trumpian Cashola needed to make a credible 3rd Party Challenge Next Fall. Webb must think if he can tough it out until the NH Primary he can present himself to the nation as a principled conservative alternative to Donald Trump assuming The Donald stays in and wracks up significant primary wins. Thats about Webb's only credible third party scenario, he'd be sunk from the git go if Bush ever revived from his current swoon. Hell Jim Webb is sunk for lack of $$....this will yield two weeks of excited speculation (cu da press love 3rd partei insurgents)....then nothing.

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