Sunday, October 11, 2015

What is it about Bill Weld?

That so mesmerizes the Boston Globe? Even twenty five years later?? The Capitol Section of the paper this week contains an open letter from Frank Phillips to Governor Baker detailing all the ways the incumbent can hold on to his current popularity. Fine fair enough, but the conclusion advised Baker to drive down to Canton Ma and inquire after the soul of Former Governor (wait for it...) William Weld Surpriiiise!!! Seriously, Weld has this weird power over Boomer Journalists, one and all they think they got high with Weld in College or something. Its a very bar-set-low credulous vibe....but Weld has always benefited from it, he got whipped by John Kerry, quit the Governorship cuz he was bored, fled to NYC, flirted with running for Governor of New York, got divorced, downed a LOT of Jack Daniels and then wandered back to Massachusetts. A record of triviality, whimsy, eccentricity & self indulgence but when it's Bill Weld the Boston Globe cannot get enough. I don't give a rat's ass about Charlie Baker and his sacred spreadsheets but if he really wants to be a good governor he can start by asking the simple question just what the hell has Bill Weld done for anyone else since leaving office?

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