Monday, October 26, 2015

Jeb Bush is flying on fumes....

He is cutting back on paid staff in Iowa & NH, he is polling down the cheap acts everywhere and he is reduced to trotting out his still toxic brother the ex-president at fundraisers. The Bush Family Bully Mojo seems to have deserted Jeb Bush, he is finally up against someone in the person of Donald Trump with an even more Brutal Sense of Entitlement. Hence Jeb's lost and haunted look on the campaign trail, his fundraisers (the family's traditional secret weapon in any election cycle) seem to be deserting him, that has to be keeping him up at nights. I wonder where the money is going at this point, it certainly isn't wingnut tea partei money so it has to be leeching away to some other mainstream safe controllable conservative candidate. Wiser heads than mine will have to scrutinize the campaign finance filings for the answer. And there seems to be no end to this sh*tstorm, the conventional wisdom is that a few more governors and senators need to bail so that a solid "Anti-Trump" candidate can be hammered together...but what if Ben Carson bailed tomorrow? Do anyone really think his voters are gonna desert to Marco Rubio?? No Trump will be the the whole bail and triumph scenario has serious consequences on the far right of the GOP Sweepstakes, which in part why I think Trump and Carson have hung tough so far, their numbers are just more favorable between them they've got about 40% locked up thats a solidly crazy and vengeful plurality that would happily vote for Roberto Farinacci if he promised to exile Barack Obama to the Phantom Zone.

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