Friday, October 02, 2015

That having been said...

Working Class Xenophobia in this country does come from A Real Place at the end of the day. The USA has deunionized, deindustrialized, become casually atomized and now outsourcing to Manila is all the there any question that very real economic concerns are in play here? Granted a lot of that xenophobia comes thru a nationalist blustery filter, which of course is a cue for Good Liberals to Disdain It All which I think we do at our peril. Hate to indulge a cliche' but a little smidge of compromise is the only answer, liberals have to concede certain xenophobic streams have legitimacy, white working class inflictees have to concede prioritization economic concerns and therefore the need to enter a de facto coalition with almost anyone else than Donald Trump. Because while we are finally exiting the recession we are still hobbled by an unequal economy that will literally do anything and everything to forestall the practical redistribution of income.

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