Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last Night's Debate...

is at first glance, bad news for Joe Biden. He needed a very serious "Hilary Meltdown" to justify entering the democratic presidential primaries as the "Savior of the Party". The Former Secretary of State, declined to give the Incumbent Veep his opportunity, she was serious, modest, well informed and on-message. That having been said, Bernie Sanders hasn't yet burst out of his liberal's liberal enclave, he took some hits on gun control that won't do him much damage over the short term. O'Malley, Chaffee & Webb all acquitted themselves well no one broke out though in any substantive way, the best that can be said is that Governor Martin O'Malley projected a comfortable vice presidential gravitas....but he he is a Northeastern Governor in a race dominated by Northeasterners and if Bernie or Hilary can't carry Maryland then they are too dumb for help. Overall everyone exuded a shocking amount of well informed sanity....which is a sharp contrast from the snarkfests that characterize the GOP Debates to date.

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