Friday, October 30, 2015

I'd better get up to NH on the quick....

if I wanna catch Jeb Bush's "Doomsday Tour" from the sound of things, he may not last until Christmas. The Globe is reporting this morning that Jeb plans to spend more time in NH going forward, thats an open confession that the situation in Iowa is irretrievable, but then both his Dad and his Brother both Lost the New Hampshire Primary at various times in their presidential careers.... I used to think Jeb was the Man to Beat but he fatally brings nothing new to the table, more tax cuts more money worship and that relentless sense of entitlement that permeates his very being. And at the moment he is being beaten like a red headed stepchild by a loutish billionaire with a much bigger meaner sense of entitlement...Karma is a Muther Jeb. But he keeps running commercials and his polling is mired in the single digits soundly consigned with Cheap Acts, Huckabee, Gilmore or Santorum.... Sad. No really it's hilarious.

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