Thursday, January 28, 2016

As of yesterday

John Kasich is putting all his hopes on finishing in the money in NH and this is devoting all his time to the Granite State. It's important though to stress the fluidity of the race up there, as of yesterday the polls indicate that Kasich is running THIRD to Ted Cruz despite a cursory effort by the Texas Senator in NH as well as a headquarters in Manchester that is locked up on a Saturday Morning.
Jeb Bush is still mired at 8% in the polls and winds are blowing Marco Rubio back and forth like a spend plastic grocery sack.
Meanwhile Chris Christie's adverts are built around the theme of "protection" the way the olde Syndicate Racketeers offered "Protection" to unwary shopkeepers in NYC back in the Depression.
These Guys are for the most part selling fear and decline and annihilation on volume I cannot believe for a minute that there are no bad consequences for that.
It'll be interesting to see if Kasich keeps to the giddy "politics of joy" motif up there, the political atmosphere is otherwise utterly toxic.

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