Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I can't for the life of me

Figure out Marco Rubio's game plan in New Hampshire. He is making very limited one off appearances on weekdays over the next week or so, his adverts veer from calling Jeb Bush a loser and a dope and denunciations of President Obama (who is not on the ballot), the dominant video image of Senator Rubio depict a rather shifty looking callow young man.
Even Ted Cruz has begun to cautiously move his ground game into the vote rich southern tier of the state....but Rubio is apparently trying to win NH on the strength of his youth and television advertising.
Thats a new approach to be sure, I have my doubts as to it's effectiveness. I still wanna see his stump speech up there, although Cruz is looking like the better bet at this point in terms of availability.
Frankly I begin to wonder if Rubio has given up on the US Presidency, maybe he is just gaming the system for the Veep nomination? This accounts for his hysterical attacks on his former mentor Jeb Bush and the base-pleasing attack on the President.
But pushing himself as a "recognized expert on National Security" is laughable....Marco Rubio looks all the world like an aging lardy Ompaa Loompa with a expertise limited to ice cream.

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