Monday, January 25, 2016

To hear Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or even

the ever giddy John Kasich tell the story, the USA is now so militarily weak that a planetload of rivals and malevolent actors are tempted to aggression on an hourly basis.
Yet according to what I read, the President is planning to allocate 900 billion dollars for a thirty year program of strategic force modernization. What that means is better ICBMs, new cruise missiles, bombers and sundry platforms.
I mean...weakness appeasement?
Uh no.
Now you can argue whether any of it is of any value against actors like ISIS and Al Queda or even Superstorm Sandy.....strategic forces tend to track with the pace of modernization among other nuclear actors so I'd love to read the DoD's justification for the money...given our need for a hardened infrastructure etc etc....

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