Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marco Rubio....

otherwise a phantom presence in New Hampshire at the moment is nonetheless clouding the Boston Airwaves with adverts jumping all kinds of ugly on Hilary Clinton.
You'd think she was the frontrunner for the GOP Presidential Nomination the way these jobbers are talking about her.
Meanwhile Chris Christie is spewing some nasty venom at The President and Former Secretary of State Clinton in his commercials. Meanwhile Jeb Bush spends millions on slagging everyone who is polling within two points of himself in The Granite State, so much for running for President "Joyously" the Ex Governor of Florida's whole campaign oozes a beaten air of bitter vindictiveness.
None...of these mooks are as yet nominated for President yet they are all running pushy presumptuous adverts in the market trying for the most part to lay some claw marks on Hilary Clinton.
Granted...Hilary did run some adds scoring on them....but the goddamned fools TOOK THE BAIT like a bunch of batshit amateurs! Ms Clinton understands the New Hampshire Electorate dislikes sore losers and presumptuous candidates the loud varieties they dislike most of all.
So I'm saying just possibly IF this is strategy on Clinton's part....it's working.

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