Monday, January 11, 2016

Jeff Jacoby devoted some space yesterday

to reiterating the personal and political failings of President Woodrow Wilson in his Sunday Globe Column on his way to a denunciation of the whole "State of the Union" speech process. Well ole' Woodrow is fair game he kinda tore up the US Constitution during World War One (going waaa-ay beyond the PATRIOT Act in thought & deed) and his racial views were, utterly abominable. Jeff of course made the usual wampum out of Wilson's racist views...specifically his "jim crowing" the US Post Office. So I'd like to just note with all Christian Charity that Wilson's three republican successors did NOTHING to repeal said odious policy at the P.O., in fact Harding-Coolidge & Hoover starting edging away from the GOP's traditional advocacy on behalf of African Americans (Herbert Hoover's views on "colored people" were every bit as retrograde as Wilson's at the end of the day). Race shame is pretty much a bipartisan experience in the 1920's as far as I can see. Because Ghod Knows, Harding et al owed NOTHING to the Solid South's racially colonized electorates they could have easily resumed their advocacy they could have probably passed some efficacious laws relating to voter rights....but no nothing. Why? The GOP's inroads into the South commence in the 1920's and everyone was greedy for new margins in the electoral college...what else could it be these mooks controlled the Presidency the Supreme Court and Congress sans any dependence on the Solid South AND STILL they threw the Black Man Under The Bus!

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