Friday, January 22, 2016

Kasich is the Flavor Du Jour in NH at the moment

he is tracking second to Trump at the moment, but lets keep in mind the second slot has a lot volatility as we get closer to Primary Day. Both Christie and Rubio have themselves been in that exact position over the last two months.
Its not hard to see why Kasich is polling upwards, he has declined to wallow in apocalyptic rhetoric at least insofar as his commercials are concerned and he is assiduously kissing ass via frequent candidate town halls, that tends to be a successful template in general.
Too much end of the world screeching and the electorate up there shut's in point Richard Lugar who made liberal use of mushroom clouds in his commercials back in 2000 and got bupkiss on primary night in return.
At the moment the whole of the GOP pack seems infected with a sort of belligerent madness, ranting and raving about social security bankruptcy nuclear annihilation, xian interment camps and what the supposedly SANE candidates have to say about the Incumbent President is perfectly hair raising. Win or lose, Donald Trump has accomplished one thing he has successfully infected everyone from pushy policy wonk Jeb Bush to ward heeler Chris Christie with his madness.
Which in turn may well be their downfall...why vote for Trump-Lite when the real thing is so readily available?
Hence Kasich who is admittedly as sound a wingnut as the rest of them he is simply declining to howl and promise nuclear war at the local VFWs....that is enough at the moment although that could change by dawn tomorrow.
Keep in mind also all these guys are battling over single digit increments and a potential double digit plurality on primary night, all they really want is a chance to do additional fundraising, force a few midcarders out and hope like hell they can catch fire in South Carolina.
I dunno from what I can see....a lot of that thinking is largely speculative and fanciful.

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