Friday, January 15, 2016

Revised NH Target List

Having seen Chris Christie in the full flood of his hypocritical anti Obama rage....I'm still bound and determined to see Jeb Bush's Stump Speech....mostly because I suspect Jeb is circling the drain (wonder how his fundraising is going) and so watching a member of La Famiglia Arbusto go over the hump is a precious spectacle to be sure. I think he'll stay in thru NH "family honor" is probably all that keeps him in at this point it's embarrassing the absolute contempt Trump heaps on Jeb Bush...also funny though. As for the third position I can't decide between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and both for utterly prosaic reasons....Rubio's strategy is a feckless mystery at this point he hasn't done much campaigning in NH at this point and always for a day or so at the most. He doesn't show up on the weekends at all. Cruz on the other hand IS stumping NH but in very out of the way places like Barnstead and Henniker ...hard to reach not sure if he realizes the play of population density up there favors campaigning close to the Massachusetts border. So it's a toss up...will advise luck will clearly play a factor.

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