Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Alex Beam....

Fatous and inane as always, devotes a whole column to comparing Donald Trump & the former Mayor, Governor & Jailbird James Michael Curley.
THAT is a insult to the memory of the Late Mayor....and trust me that man was On The Take 24-7!
Curley was a crook don't get me wrong he deserved the two jail terms he racked up, but his heart was riveted to the right place or so I like to think.
I'd a never voted for him believe me, and I'm a Spartan and a democrat comfortable in the party's last ditch...But when he was Governor (and a hot mess he was as Governor's go) and Northampton was flooded along with a big chunk of the Pioneer Valley, he never hesitated.
No that was not "Curley Country" to be sure, Northampton was Calvin Coolidge's hometown, but all the same Curley rolled up, called out the National Guard, ordered in the State Police, drafted convicts to pile up sandbags, established refugee camps (!!!) and personally handed out food and blankets.
And if it was somehow Donald Trump in Curley's place circa 1937....The Donald would have bought up the town to build a golf course and sent the residents packing at bayonet point.
And no he'd a never paid his contractors either....

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