Monday, February 13, 2017

It sure sounds like

National Security Advisor Mike Flynn promised the Russians a quick end to sanctions once Trump was sworn in, while still serving as a private citizen.
That is a felony my friends, a violation of the admittedly seldom invoked, Logan Act.
But more than that, its an act of credulous unconscionable stupidity, who promises sunsetting sanction with nothing on offer?
Someone who shouldn't be making foreign policy thats who, a situation like this is Amateur Night in Dixie entirely avoidable....and to think we aren't even one hundred days into this Trump Mishaugas.
Kelly Should Resign, on grounds of being a simpleminded dope first and foremost unless of course someone can persuade him to come clean as to whom put him up to it.
Cuz I think that is in play here....definitely.

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