Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump as CPAC last week

otherwise known as "Burning Man for Wingnuts", The So Called President laid out a bold pro-worker populist agenda last week.  Granted its a room that'll sooner put the American Worker behind barbed wire, but all the same it was something new and different. The problem is, Trump's solution seems to revolve around radical deregulation in the workplace, so everyone's job will be more dangerous and wages will likely stagnate. How that grows the economy is anyone's guess...but then this is Trump ,"2+2=Rhode Island" in his mind.
If we wanna do right by American Working Class, how about starting with something simple? Like Raising the Minimum Wage? The Federal Minimum Wage is a paltry $7.25 a hour, if Trump really wants to "Take on the Establishment", he'll have a helluva fight with his own GOP is he wanted to put it up to say $10.00 an hour.
But thats pure fantasy, Trump doesn't want to raise the minimum wage he wants to make it harder for injured workers to sue their employers, he wants to abolish occupational safety statues....everyone is will work harder for less money and under dangerous circumstances THAT is supposed to save the American Working Class.

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