Sunday, February 12, 2017

Jay Gonzalez in Menotomy...

I had a chance yesterday to see Jay Gonzalez (so far the only democrat running for Governor in 2018) do a five minute stand up at the Arlington Democratic Caucus.  He is a wiry energetic little guy who was once Deval Patrick's Budget Chief.  Seriously I could eat beans off this guy's head.
His central thesis is right off of "column A", ergo "We Can Do Better!"  Off of column B he is imputing quietism to the current governor (which is certainly a factual account of the situation) and does his level best to manacle Charlie Baker to Donald Trump. That part is easy to do since Governor Baker's favorite move is to hide under his bed at the mere mention of Donald Trump's name....essentially if demonstrators are doing the mentioning.
Gonzalez other big theme was immigration, he is the son of immigrants and is likely gonna use that notion to bedevil Charlie Baker and by proxy Donald Trump.
Otherwise Gonzalez is peppery and energetic enough, he does not seem to have much capacity for soaring rhetoric, he might wear well in a primary given his bona fides with the departed Patrick Admin...assuming of course he can raise the money.
At the moment there is no one else in the Field, Newton Mayor Setti Warren is supposed to be looking at it as well as some others, but iven the still daunting polling data, its gonna come down to a serious fundraising gut check for a lot of these candidates which is turn probably means a somewhat restricted field.
In all its a good start for least he understands that he cannot win if he does not oppose and offer a competing vision for politics.

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