Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Story So Far...

A Russian Spy Ship is meandering up the East Coast like the Edgartown Ferry, the Russians are shredding the INF Treaty and deploying ground launched cruise missiles in Western Russia, we have no National Security Advisor (unless you really think Steve Bannon is good to go in a pinch) and the Secretary of Defense is telling NATO to "pay up" or else the USA will "moderate" its commitment to said alliance.
This is shaping up to be the biggest foreign policy catastrophe of my lifetime short of VietNam or maybe The Cuban Missile Crisis, and we aren't done by any means,
This means that Poland and the Baltic States are now once again under the nuclear gun, this means they are going to become a de facto military flashpoint in the near future unless something to done very very quickly. And the only thing that stops me from thinking actual war will break out is a nagging suspicion that if the Russians send in Troops, Trump will just sign them all away.
This is rank appeasement but it's ultimately idiotic because we are appeasing a third tier power that is in decline by every objective measure.
So much for a reset with Moscow....Trump may well have asked the Kremlin not to retaliate for the post election sanctions and this now is their pound of flesh so to speak.
Congress is well within it's rights to lay wide open the entire story of Trump's contacts with the Russian Government, and they'd best do so quickly because given the situation in Europe we are are gonna need to know if any obligations have been laid on the President by the Kremlin prior to Election.
Yes, the situation is that serious...we are being played here, a bunch of vicious oligarchs are working us like yokel in the three card monte game.

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