Monday, February 06, 2017

Kudos to the New England Patriots for

A nice day's pay for seasonally unemployed Duck Boat Drivers.

The Victory Parade in Boston is allegedly schedded for tomorrow at 11am, in the teeth of an oncoming snowstorm, but lets face it that is the price of doing business in Boston. My Ghod Gronkowski will likely be clowning around from Government Center to the Shoulders of Orion.
I'm not much for football (supposedly the violentest thing going but they sure do stand around a lot talking, they could serve pastries and tea out there with all the palaver going on) but what the hell, it makes others happy who am I to judge?
I was sufficiently intrigued by the late rally to actually read Dan Shaughnessy's front pager on Today's Globe. THAT proved a hilarious exercise in futility for sheer abstract verbiage & dense superlatives I may has well have been reading Hegel in the Original German.
Ah but I suspect that Pro Ball is peaking the USA, not sure but all the concussion politics is gonna start eating away at it's mainstream'll be a slow fall though believe me.

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