Friday, February 03, 2017

Somewhere out there in the vast reaches of America

I swear the GOP has a vending machine that requires a purely nominal sum to eject some dreamboat wingnut Supreme Court Nominee who reliably loves God more than the Constitution, Couldn't care less about the Bill of Rights Save the Secular Sacrament that is the Second Amendment, with a boundless passion for Punishment, Entitlement and Patriarchy.
They invitable grin beautifully before the cameras have decorous hairdos, spouses and children and will sit on that court far into their dotage and eagerly ruin ever right you were foolish to believe was inalienable.
Such is Neil Gorsuch, bland rigid photogenic, entirely reconciled to succeeding to a seat on the court stolen from Judge Garland....He can't wait to bore us to death and put us all behind barbed wire.

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