Thursday, February 02, 2017

Of Donald Trump's Many Many Ever Increasing Sins...

perhaps the only one that viscerally bugs me, is his craven hypocrisy about religion.

By that I mean, the man is a complete agnostic if not an outright atheist....No one that wealthy and that prideful has any real Love of God in Him or Her....sheee-it my next door neighbor's Cotton Poodle has a far more intimate and humble acquaintance with The Lord of Hosts than does Trump.
As evidenced by Today's Barbaric Performance I doubt the Man Even Knows How to Pray, it was like watching a Viking Berserker Trying to Go to Confession....
But he keeps on lying in really transparent and obvious ways about his alleged Love of God and his supporters completely enable this tedious farce, thus proving that the GOP Base is perfectly willing to   engage with a Russian Puppet, an Agnostic and a Thrice Wed Reprobate if it means all that their liberal taunting will somehow get read into policy.

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