Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Paganism in the Arsenal

If I read the morning papers correctly, Baghdad is fairly awash in guns and ammo.
Assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, semi-automatics, carbines a veritable firearms buffet.
The place is so sodden with weaponry that poorly armed U.S. armored troops are pilfering AK-47s from deceased Feyedeen.
So given this fully armed culture as it were, how come Wayne LaPierre and the Grand Senescence from Hollywood NRA chair Charlton Heston haven't relocated to Iraq?
I mean there are guns galore's the NRA's version of Valhalla from what I can see.
So many guns and yet so few NRA trained licensed instructors in proper gun use.
To hear Heston and LaPierre tell it (when they aren't fulminating about immigration) gun safety is the NRA's sole mission in life.
I mean that, I'm sure our troops in Iraq would love to see Chuck Heston waddle off the plane brandishing that Davy Crocket musket of his over his head and croaking "OVER... MY...DEAD....BODY!"
I mean he had no qualms about pulling that stunt in Boulder Colorado not one week after what not at least cut the ribbon on an NRA office in Tikrit or Baghdad?
Yesterday it was the Alabama serfs and their rock's it's the NRA and it's peculiar belief in the divine origin of American firearms...a holy doctrine they seem curiously unwilling to export to the pistol packin' heathen of Iraq.
I can't imagine why.

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