Thursday, August 21, 2003


Well as you might imagine, Mike Barnicle actually met Arnold Schwarzenegger down in Hyannisport once and ever after carried away with him a warm affection for the vulgar debauched Austrian mesomorph.
"I just like the guy" bleated the serial plagiarist on Imus-in-the-Morning Program....
Have anyone ever stopped to wonder that the downfall of American Democracy is being entirely prepared by guys that Mike Barnicle just loves to pieces?
Clearly Barnicle (whose critical facilities are clouded by treacly sentimentality on his best day) cannot bring any dispassionate analysis to bear on those he "likes". He has proven this time and again on the Imus program whenever the President's latest blunders and lies are under discussion.
His voice goes up an octave, his words come in staccato bursts and if he doesn't start dicking irrationally on Bill Clinton (a tactic that is increasingly a sad non sequitur in the Barnicle arsenal) then he starts squeaking "I dunno I just like like like the guy!"
This irrational affectation is a bad habit for a so called old fashioned hard-boiled reporter.

Not that this bothers Barnicle in the least, truth be told he was never a gritty Mickey Spillane type, he just wanted everyone to think that he was...therein lies the difference.
No Mike isn't Mike Royko...he's a toadying courtier a'la Mussolini's son-in-law Galleazzo Ciano who once noted that every time he heard the Duce's voice he lost all control of his bodily functions.
And so thus having worshipped Bush as a sort of je's plain folks godling, it follows that Mike can easily transfer those feelings to anyone who carries the heavenly approval of Karl Rove.

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